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09 June 2010 @ 10:55 am
Doctor Who: Cold Blood - Review  
Doctor Who: Cold Blood
5 out of 5

I liked that this episode started with a narration from a character that we haven’t met yet. Gave it some mystery. Set the tone for the episode – one of importance. And I also liked that the narration says that in 1,000 years time Earth is now being shared. Makes you wonder how the adventure in part 1 really all ties together in the end.

She said she picked the ‘lizard-man’s’ pocket but Amy couldn’t have done so the way she was tied down. But whatever. They had to get her off the table some way. Ha. Rory has come along way stating that he trusts the Doctor with his life. And I have grown to really like his character. I thought it was neat that the Silurians called their family line their gene chain. Removing all human germs will … kill the Doctor? What? I don’t get that. I like the connection between these Silurians and the ones in the classic series that they Doctor keeps bringing up. Good way to connect the two series.

Ugh, Ambros is such an ass. I didn’t like her character from the start and now she went and killed Alaiya. And she showed her ignorance saying ‘she didn’t give in, I would have’. Alaya is a member of the Silurian military. Shes not going to give in. And you have no way of knowing what a taser would do to a Silurian. So I’m not totally shocked she was killed from it. As for Restac, how come there is always one power hungry military person always screwing up everything. Lol. (Apparently, the same actress played both Alaya and Restac. Neat.) There’s also usually a ‘good guy’ who is screwing it up too…enter Ambros. Ha.

“Amy I thought I’d lost you.” Why? Because I was sucked into the ground? You’re so clingy.” HAHAHAHA. Oh Amy you crack me up. “Let Rory deal with this, Ambros, eh.” Here we can see that Rory has earned himself some respect from the Doctor now that he is traveling with him. Letting him step up to handle the situation. Though the other option of letting crazy Ambros speak isn’t a good one and makes Rory the candidate. And hell yea for Eldane (looks like a society leader if not THE leader of the Silurians) showing up and putting Restac in her place! Wooo. “Shoosh now Restac. Go and play soldiers. I’ll let you know if I need you.” HAHAHA. He’s awesome.

I thought it was really exciting to see the two species sitting down to discuss the habitation of the planet. And it was funny and neat to see how excited the Doctor was to call that first meeting into session. “Never said that before. That’s fab.” The Doctor’s little speech before the meeting was great. And the music building up behind it really set the mood and was done brilliantly. I thought Amy’s offer to take all the unhinhabited places on Earth was a good starting offer. ‘We’re not using them, so you can.’ And the Silurians offer knowledge and technology beyond humanities dreams. Not too shabby. But I wonder what the final agreement was 1,000 years later.

“Malohkeii, I rather love you.” The Doctor could have said this because Malohkeii was a being of understanding and science or simply because he refused to kill the humans and wouldn’t even harm the children. If it’s the latter then this Doctor really has a thing for children. We saw it in the first few episodes. We saw it with Amelia, and the girl from ‘The Beast Below’ and now again here. And we see his sincere and playful apology to Elliot as well. Interesting. I love how Elliot looks at his mom in disgust when he finds out she killed Alaya. Serves her right. Ambros asking her father to set the drill on a timer was not the best of ideas but you know…its good to have an escape plan. So I cant really fault her there. 1,000 years to pass down this story as legend or myth so that the human race will be ready to accept the Silurians in the future. Seems like a daunting task but apparently it works. I really liked the goodbye between Eldane and the Doctor. The disappoint shared but at the same time the understanding. Perfectly done. And it shows the Doctor’s willingness and wanting to cooperate with other species which I liked. “Ambros, sick bay. Upstairs, left, then left again. Get yourself fixed up.” YAY! More mention of rooms in the TARDIS. Now if we could only SEE them.

The crack…but now wider. Interesting. The Doctor brings up a point that I’ve been wondering about. Everybody knows about this crack but him. Why?? And then he pulls something out of the crack. VERY interesting. CRAP! Rory is shot and dies?! What the hell?! I like his character now! Oh come on! Sheesh. This scene was handled nicely. And its probably best that the light took Rory because Amy may have not kept traveling with the Doctor if it hadn’t. I like that they explain why she would forget him giving that he is from her personal history. Rory’s last words, “You’re so beautiful… I’m sorry.” are heartbreaking. Poor Rory! The scene between Amy breaking down and the Doctor trying to hold her together was really moving. They did it really well and the emotion came screaming through in my opinion. Its sad that after Amy finally makes her choice and starts realizing how much she truly loves Rory she loses him. I feel bad for both of them, her and Rory. And then you see the engagement ring box and Amy has forgotten. And you see Amy by herself this time across the way on the hill. Not realizing that Rory should be standing there with her. But she thinks she saw someone else there for a second. Is it somehow possible that her subconscious is remembering that there should be someone else there?? Is there a way to rewrite time so that Rory could come back? Because I really liked Rory’s character.

‘My thoughts go back to the Doctor and the losses he suffered then and the greater losses still to come.’ And the shrapnel that the Doctor pulled out of the crack is a charred piece of the TARDIS door?! Holy crap! The TARDIS in the future is destroyed? Severely damaged? Oh man…
I’ll post thoughts on this later.

Taken from the official BBC Doctor Who website
Rory Williams
At the close of Cold Blood, Rory Williams took a shot intended for the Doctor. It was a selfless act, typical of a man so brave, so kind, so committed to his friends. Amy Pond may have forgotten Rory, but we never shall.
Rory was Amy's boyfriend, a straightforward sort of bloke who worked as a nurse. He grew up with Amy and when they were children she made him dress up as her 'raggedy Doctor'. That's why Rory entered the medical profession.
Rory displayed compassion and inquisitiveness, and as we saw, he was capable of great bravery and endurance. Throughout his travels in the TARDIS his love for Amy never faltered and he developed a friendship with the Doctor, although the Time Lord sometimes exasperated him.
Before the fateful events of Cold Blood, Rory saw an incredible universe - vast and varied and incredible. But Amy Pond always remained at the centre of his world.
CWkaine_maxwell on June 9th, 2010 03:27 pm (UTC)
Great review!
Cube: DW Matt Smith Era Logogeneral_chris on June 10th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Thank You! I'm glad to know that someone is reading them :p This was really a great 2nd part to the story. I really enjoyed it.
I'll have the next ep's up soon. Already watched, just have to write.