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12 June 2010 @ 12:14 am
Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor - Review  
Doctor Who: Vincent and the Doctor
4.5 out of 5
Solid 4. Bumped to 4.5 because for brilliantly written/acted touching moments.

Firstly, I’ll make it known that I am sitting here watching this episode in my room with Vincent Van Gough’s Starry night hanging on my wall to my right :)

Secondly, if you are a Van Gough fan then you squeed at all of his famous paintings that liter this episode. It was a great thing to see.

Oh man! Bill Nye! AWESOME! And is his name really pronounced ‘Van Goff’? It’s interesting to see the Doctor treating Amy so well since he feels guilty for Rory’s death. But its nice to see the Doctor and his companion take a time out for something normal. And Amy mentions that the Doctor brought her to Arcadia. Nice! The 10th Doctor mentions, in a solemn tone, that he was at the fall of Arcadia and that one day he may even learn how to deal with that. Must have been interesting for him to return before the fall. And I love the exchange between Matt Smith and Bill Nye about each other’s bow ties. HA. Brilliant.

**I’d like to take a brief moment to point out that Matt Smith hasn’t yelled “Geronimo” in a long time. This pleases me. They aren’t over using it.

The actor they got to portray Vincent was an excellent choice. I like how the Doctor gets excited when Vincent appears. Yet again, Amy fails to wonder why everyone seems to be speaking English. I don’t like that they have decided to skip over that little bit about traveling around. One quick line and its solved. That’s all. Its fantastic when they step into Vincent’s home and you get a look around the entire room to see his works. Great scene. And then you see him wiping coffee on one. Ouch. It’s interesting that Vincent could see the alien but the Doctor and Amy could not. Yet they never actually say why that was the case. Wonder how come. “NOT THAT FAST!!!. Ha ha ha. But pretty fast.” LOL!! Its nice to see the Doctor making jokes. The facial identify machine that the Doctor received as a gifts is rather interesting. And very cool to see them show both the 1st and 2nd Doctor in this scene. And I know that Matt Smith has said that he liked William Hartnell and his Doctor but it is very obvious now that they are putting him in the episodes for Matt. This is the third appearance of Hartnell in the series (The Eleventh Hour, The Vampires of Venice, and Vincent and the Doctor). “That’s the problem with impressionists.” Ha! I liked Amy scaring the crap out of the Doctor. I don’t know why, but it was a good laugh.

HA! That’s awesome that Amy is the one who gives Vincent the idea to paint the sunflowers. Nice little touch on history there. I really appreciate the recognition by the Doctor that using Vincent to help them catch the alien is a very risky idea and could affect history. When he explains it to Amy you really get the urgency of importance in his tone. And it was interesting to see how serious and upset Amy got when the Doctor mentioned that just months from now Vincent will take his own life. She knows it is true and knows that it must happen to keep history in tact. Yet being there with him she feels that there may be hope to change him I suppose. Or she just doesn’t want to accept it since she is there physically with him. Vincent then says that he hears the song of her sadness and that he thinks that she has lost someone. And asks her why she is crying. Amy then wipes her hand to her eye. How can Vincent see these things? And is Amy’s subconscious trying to come through yet again to show her that she has lost someone? Very interesting.

Quite humorous to hear the Doctor recalling his time with different artists and giving them advice. And then to see the Doctor squirming as he must sit and wait for the alien to show up as Vincent paints is fantastic. Hear him complaining that time is passing too slow and in the right order. An unpunctual alien attack – haha. Its also funny how Vincent has been hitting on Amy the whole episode. I like how the Doctor slipped and called Vincent ‘Rory’ and confused Amy for a moment. I appreciate the fact that a character wasn’t just killed off and forgotten. “Sonic never fails” … “My only definite plan is that in the future I’m definitely just using this screwdriver to screw in screws.” HAHA. I liked the way that the Doctor calms down the alien and the way that he explained things to him. “I am really stupid and am growing old.” Truly great line. And I also appreciate that they had the alien try to say ‘I am afraid’ showing you that this wasn’t just another alien monster but a living creature who was left behind and was just trying to survive. “Sometimes winning is no fun at all.” Well said, Doctor.

I LOVED the scene with the three of them laying in the field and Vincent is showing the Doctor and Amy how he sees everything. The colors and the stars. Brilliantly written. It was funny to see the Doctor and Amy have to decline the painting from Van Gough. And Amy telling Vincent to be kind to himself really spoke a lot about how she didn’t want to accept what she knew was going to happen. Makes you wonder, if Amy had stayed with Vincent would he have killed himself? Hmm. HAHAHA- the TARDIS is covered in leaflets! Crazy villagers. “How come I’m the crazy one and you two have stayed sane?” LOL. Though I thought it was cool to see the leaflets burning off the TARDIS when it rematerialized in the future. Which brings up a big point – I was actually really surprised to see the Doctor take Vincent to the future to see how important his works become. The whole scene was really moving and brilliantly done. The music chosen was perfectly ideal for the scene and well done to Bill Nye as well for delivering the lines with such conviction. It was nice to see Vincent admiring the other art as he made his way to his own exhibit. Then to watch him look around as the public all around him adores his paintings and the curator is describing his feeling towards Van Gough… it made for such a fantastic scene. Vincent getting choked up and then kissing the curator and apologizing for his beard made me laugh. Then the curator stops and although he couldn’t know that he was just hugged by the real Vincent Van Gough, he does stop and wonder. I liked that.

I got kind of sad when Amy said that she wasn’t really the marrying kind. When only days before she was engaged to Rory. Then she says “Time can be rewritten. I know it can.” Let’s hope that it can for other instances in the show. It was sad to see Amy’s realization that Vincent still killed himself. But I really liked the Doctor’s “good things, bad things pile” talk that he gives to Amy. Makes great sense. And then to see the sunflowers painting and that he did it for Amy and wrote as much right on the painting was great. She got to see that she did indeed make a difference. “The ultimate ginger.” HAHAHA. Great to see the episode end on a positive note.
marchek: Tardismarchek on June 27th, 2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
I just watched this episode and it made me cry. I really loved the guy that played Vincent. This is the first episode that really provoked a strong emotion in me.

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