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13 June 2010 @ 10:31 pm
Doctor Who: The Lodger - Review  
Doctor Who: The Lodger
5 Out of 5

The gust of wind blowing the Doctor out of the TARDIS was very odd. And now how is Amy supposed to get the TARDIS back to the Doctor. And where did she go? Interesting… The Van Gough card and photo on the fridge was a nice little touch. Hmm, wonder what the ear piece is for. And wow that’s a lot of cash. “I can never tell.” Ha. This has to be one of the most confusing introductions for this poor guy Craig. And it was neat to see how the Doctor acted when he was told he hasn’t seen his room yet. Wonder how long its been since the Doctor had a room that wasn’t in the TARDIS. HAHAHA, when the Doctor shows you references he doesn’t mess around. The Arch Bishop. Awesome. I love seeing the Doctor struggle with getting time in the right order. Ha. He learned to cook in the 18th century, no the 17th. Wait it was the 20th. Oh man. “I WAS Not EXPECTING THIS!!” hahahaha. Holy crap this episode is cracking me up. Oh man, the ear piece is a blue tooth for the TARDIS. How cool is that! Its interesting that I am more interested in seeing the Doctor blend in as a normal human than seeing what exactly is going on upstairs. Suppose its because we see the Doctor deal with alien problems all the time, but this is something new. The Doctor’s TARDIS Bluetooth is waterproof – sweet. I loved seeing that the the Doctor had his sonic screwdriver with the toothbrushes – HAHAHA. 1) The Doctor is running around naked to save Craig and 2) he rushed into trouble with Craig’s toothbrush – LMAO. And the Doctor playing soccer! AWESOME! “She’s my mascot.” Oh the awkwardness! Oh man – I soooo need to get a Kings Arms #11 jersey now!! And its hilarious that even though he put the jersey on he still wears the twead coat over it. LOL. But WOW – the Doctor is amazing! But a bit of a glory hog on the field but oh well. He still kicks butt!

I wonder how this being upstairs is choosing his victims. He didn’t take Craig when he knocked on the door. Maybe because that would draw too much attention to itself? I thought I had saw that the being upstairs had changed its appearance for the girl he took but seeing it as a little girl confirmed it. Interesting. It seems to appear as what would attract the victim.

The Doctor getting defensive about annihilating the other team was great. ‘Not while I am around, I’m the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm. Oh you meant the football match.’ Ha. And I wonder what the Doctor is building with all those supplies he got. I loved the Doctor trying to use a actual manual screwdriver and then interrupting Craig’s big moment to ask where the on switch for it was. HAHA. Its funny to watch the Doctor subtly comment how he cant understand how there are 6million people on Earth by watching Craig and Sophie struggle to even admit they like each other. What the??... He built a satellite dish looking contraption. Imagine walking into your flatmate’s room and seeing that. As he does when he keys into the Doctor’s room! How dare you Craig! The Doctor going in to work for Craig was fantastic. This is a whole other side of the Doctor that we rarely get to see. I really like the change of pace in this episode. Really captivating. And there is only so many times that Sophie can give Craig the opportunity to stop her from going to work with those darn monkeys! Open your eyes Craig! The Doctor is talking to the cat … and not how normal people talk to cats. Can it be that the TARDIS was translating ‘cat’ to him?? That the cat told him that the people who went upstairs never came down? WOW.

I think that that weird painting in the hallway looks like Bert from Sesame Street. haha

HOLY CRAP!!! The Doctor headbutts Craig and can show him images of his past?! And they show all the Doctors again! They seem to be doing that more and more lately. Bringing in images of old Doctors into this new series. And then he headbutts him again! There has to be a better way to convey these images, lol. The Tenth Doctor would just place his hands on a persons head. That was less painful, ha. And I was confused at first why the Doctor screamed for Craig to shut up but I suppose it was because he didn’t want the being upstairs to hear anything about technology or aliens and such. Psychic help from the cat. Neat. THERE IS NO UPSTAIRS!!! OMG – AWESOME. I soooo did not see that coming! And someone is attempting to build a TARDIS!? WOW! And they have done a pretty good job if I do say so myself. It looks just like a TARDIS interior. But who could be trying to build a TARDIS? (Though we know real TARDISes are grown not built.) It would need to be someone who 1) knows what a TARDIS is and what it does and 2) has apparently seen one to know what the general inside looks like. Hmmm, Im gonna think about this one... But again – perception filters. Ugh. Craig said Geronimo!! HAHA. Its nice to see Craig and Sophie admit their love but it was hilarious to see Amy stuck out her tongue and gag while listening to them! I was confused for only a split second upon seeing the ship above the building but then remembered that a TARDIS could look like anything and this was someone’s attempt to build one so they may have just built one inside an existing ship.

It was surprising that Craig gave the Doctor the spare keys even though he knew he wouldn’t be stopping by again. He understands that he wont come back but all the same it’s a gesture of thanks and understanding. ‘The Doctor Rocks’ and a photo of him at the soccer match – completely awesome! But there goes that darn crack again! But this one was a little smaller. I liked how the Doctor completely ignores Amy’s request for him to find her a ‘fella’. But then very interesting that Amy finds her engagement ring from Rory in the Doctor’s coat pocket. And the look in her eyes when she is holding it. It really is like there is something still in her that remembers. This has happened in three episodes and its very interesting.