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17 June 2010 @ 10:01 am
E3 - Nintendo  
Nintendo has had weak showings in the past at E3 but this year they came out swinging and ready to fight. Wow, was I impressed with some of the titles that I saw. Overall, I am excited about a lot of games coming out within the next year!! Below the cute are just a FEW of the games that Nintendo debuted and that I am excited about.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: I am extremely excited for a new Zelda title! The color shading for this new games looks really nice (though unexpected) and its looks like a cross of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. The one negative thing to the color shading however, is that it seems that Link's clothing from Twilight Princess have lost its finer details (the little ties are missing from the tunic, the left bracer is missing, the chainmail is larger rings and dark silver, ect). I can only hope for an amazing story in this game and that it doesnt feel like a TP replica. Some of the new accessories seem really cool, like the beetle, which could add some really fun gameplay elements. And the Wii Motion Plus controls look like they will put some really neat controls into the game. As long as it reads the sensor properly and everything goes smooth. But I have faith in Miyamoto. I was surprised however that the videos they showed dont say too much about the story. Maybe you could take a guess here or there but not much. But I dont care. I am excited!

GoldenEye 007: Hell Yes! Multiplayer on the original N64 version was amazing and set the bar for greatness for shooters. I can only hope that this updated version is just as great as the old. The one thing that is odd however is that Daniel Craig has replaced Pierce Brosnan as Bond. Legal issues?

Mario Sports Mix: Ive really enjoyed the Mario sports titles in the past and they are usually winners in my book. But I am really excited about this one. Im curious though since its a mix of sports about whether you'll be able to play full games, or tournaments, or only short games? But it seems like a fantastic lineup; Hockey, Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Basketball! Awesome.

Kirby's Epic Yarn: I've never been crazy about Kirby games and they they announced a new game I didnt get excited. But upon watching the trailer I have to admit that I am definitely intrigued. The animation is actually kinda cool and it seems like the style of gameplay is a lot of fun too. The fact that Kirby interacts with the stage itself (pulling the whole stage over or down with the yarn, or unzipping a wall on a building) is great. Nicely done Nintendo.

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Im not the biggest fan of Donkey Kong Country but I'd be lying if I said I didnt have fun collecting those darn bananas years ago. The new Wii game looks very similar to the old with the side scrolling and perhaps graphics too. I dont think Id buy this game but Id play it to see what it was like.

Epic Mickey: Have to say that this Mickey game looks absolutely great. I love the animation of it and that with your paintbrush you can either draw in the environment or erase it to suit your needs - even draw/erase other characters! Its really cool that this game looks to bring in all the forgotten characters and movies (ie: Steamboat Willy!!). Overall, I definitely want to try this game out.

Wii Party: Definitely a fun idea and it'll be a great game for friend get-togethers and family gaming. Wont buy it. But I'll play it.

Metriod: Other M: Not a new announcement but they showed a pretty great trailer at E3. Cannot wait for this game. Ive really enjoyed the Metriod games, especially Prime 3: Corruption. And now that this game is side scrolling, first person shooter and third person - things are going to be interesting and a lot of fun.

Kid Icarus: Uprising: Coming to the 3DS, I am definitely excited to see Pit in action again. I played his games when I was younger and loved them. the trailer for this game looks like a lot fun and the animation looks beautiful.

Super Scribblenauts: How Scribblenauts should have been the first time. Definitely an improvement for the game.

Nintendo 3DS: I wasnt interested in this at first but I am to say that I am now. But...only if the new 3DS will play older DS, DS Lite, and DSi games. Otherwise I cnt see it being worth it since I have many DS games. (but I just found out that it WILL play older games. So crap. Now I want one. lol) The slide feature on the side that lets you go from full 3D to no 3D is very nice. The toggle slide pad above the D-Pad is very nice. Taking 3D pictures is a fun feature. It will show movies in 3D as well. Nintendo has completely won the hand held war and this newer version to the DS looks like it will be very fun.

3DS Titles: That I am excited about (Taken from the official Nintendo site):
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (!!!)
Mario Kart
Starfox 64 3D
Kingdom Hearts
Dead or Alive 3D
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Resident Evil: Revelations

Other Titles: